Friday, February 27, 2009

Please, Senator, don't sit on my Stimulus Package

Judd Gregg made it clear this morning that he has no intention of "carrying water" for the Obama administration any time soon. I guess the grass on the White House lawn wasn't quite as green as he had only a few weeks ago when he submitted his resume to the "Yes We Can!" crowd. Now that Bobby (Cindy, Greg, whatever) Jindal is out of the picture, Senetor Gregg seems like he has his eyes on 2012 and is looking to make a name for himself.

Silly man. Doesn't he know he's a pencil-necked geek spewing the tired rhetoric of a failed economic philosopy?

Mr. Gregg took aim and fired at the administration's plan to pull the plug on a Bush-era tax cut. That tax cut allowed Americans lucky enough to earn more than a quarter of a million dollars to stuff even more of that cash in their piggy banks after April 15.

Only 1.5% of Americans reaped this rich reward but Gregg made it sound like they were the other 98.5% of the nation when he defended their right to avoid taxation.

Bored of numbers? Senetor Gregg hopes you are because the numbers hide a dirty little secret. Sure, that tiny elite of Americans who collected those big fat checks DO pay a lot of taxes but they don't pay their fair share. They get off light and they should pay more.

It's simple. Those guys at the top earn over a third of all the income in the United States. Yet, that same group only pays about a quarter of the tax burden.

If they control a third of the money, they should pay a third of the taxes. That's fair.

Not one to rest on his laurels, Senator Judd went on to criticize the Obama budget for it's reliance on deficit spending to revive the flagging economy. He whined that it was an irresponsible burden on the youth of our nation and that they would simply be unable to repay the debt.


Judd should look at his history or, at least, the line graph gracing front page of today's New York Times. This nifty little piece of graphic wizardry clearly demonstrates that the proposed spending we are now debating is downright puny when compared to the whopping debts this country ran up during World War II.

That spending slammed the door on the Great Depression and Americans (literally and figuratively) got buzy after the war. Literally, Americans wasted no time in paying down that debt and figuratively, just look at the Baby Boom.

Come on, Senator Judd, you almost said it a few weeks ago until you chickened out. Say it now, "Yes, we can!"

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