Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Not One of Oprah's Favorite Things

Now that the Obama administration has pretty much ruled out torture and thrown the use of that faux torture, waterboarding, what should we do if we ever capture Osama bin Laden?

The fact is that the United States' ham-fisted approach to the War on Terror (TWoT) and the inherent goal of capturing bin Laden (equally porcine in its execution) has helped Al Qaida at least as much as it has hurt it.

We need a new approach.

One that will punish bin Laden rather than reward him with celebrity status. One that will deter young Jihadis instead of deifying them.

I propose a solution to this question that is uniquely American: put bin Laden on the talk show circuit. Make him go on Oprah and answer those audience questions. Then, it's off to Dr. Phil but let's not forget Larry King and The View. Maybe, just maybe, he could host SNL and have to participate in a rap (a la Sarah Palin) complete with a camel and a posse of women in purdah...

Now, that's a punishment.

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