Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Teachers Reverse Stance on Stupid Questions

In a unanimous decision that has surprised experts and sent shockwaves through the educational community, the Union of American Teachers announced that it had reversed its official stance on stupid questions. In a statement as brief as it was important, Union spokesperson Betsy Winkelhofferstein said what many teachers were afraid to say for years.
"Yes," she said. "There are stupid questions and it's time teachers acknowledge the truth that they have known for years."
Winkelhoffer declined to answer reporters' questions after her statement but other members of the Union spoke on condition of anonimity.
"I think it's about time," said one teacher who did little to contain his enthusiasm for the Union's decision. "If I have to listen to one more kid say 'but, there are no stupid questions' I was going to throw up."
Joanne Quigley, the woman widely creditied with introducing the No Stupid Questions initiative in 1961, now in her 90s, responded to the decision through a press release.
"I am terribly disappointed," the release said. "I still believe that there are no stupid questions but now I have irrefutable evidence of stupid decisions."
While it is clear that the decision is already having an impact on educators, the effect on students remains to be seen.

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